Dealer Interest Needed

I am looking for AV integrators who are interested in selling cinema quality systems.

Blu-Ray can’t compare.

I need dealers who sell Runco and DPI to respond with interest in doing something SPECIAL.

I need to get a list together for the powers that be so that they see the value in our channel as a delivery for something the consumer market has not seen the likes of before.

Comment with your contact info.  I need 3-4 interested dealers per major market.


2 thoughts on “Dealer Interest Needed

  1. mark ontiveros says:

    We have been providing that level of accuracy in our dedicated home theatre spaces for at least ten years, having been introduced to Mr. Tony Grimani and embracing his concepts since we first worked with him on a project he was called into rescue that we were also asked to come in and fix for a client who was misguided and taken advantage of by another integrator. Some 60 dedicated rooms, and over 100 total projects later, we continue to implement all of Mr. Grimani’s advanced acoustical and performance based engineering provides.

    1. avcuracy says:


      I know there are some dealers in the market that have been able to do some one off installations of DCI quality gear. The main problem has always been that the studios do not make this type of content available to our channels.

      So the select few that do have them, have been industry insiders with their own ties to the studios for getting exclusive content.

      Or. . .

      They have utilized the alternate content scalers to oversample Cable, Satellite and DVD and BD content.

      I am familiar with your company as your reputation proceeds you, and I have no doubt that you are comissioning some of the best systems in the market.

      Maybe I am misinformed, do you currently have access to the film studios for DCI quality DCP’s for playback on cinema servers with the proper encryption?

      If you already have an avenue to this studio content, then I should be following your lead, and this initiative is redundant :)!

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