Will 3D at Home Take Off?

“Hello??  3D? Yes the 1950s called and they want their glasses back.”

Wow, 2010.  It’s supposed to be a space odyssey, and instead its Captain EO all over again.  Kubrick would be disappointed.  I think we should have been clued in when instead of the flying car in 2002, we were given the scooter again instead, (thanks Razor, way to raise the bar!)

So with the rise of social media trying to break down technology barriers we are reinventing them in home entertainment.  Good luck transitioning from TV to conversation with friends and family while wearing your new electronic goggles.  You will have even less success traveling to the kitchen to get a snack while tripping over the ottoman wearing the things.

I know the economy and our industry specifically need a boost, but let’s be honest, this is a stretch right?

I can see 3D as having amazing relevance in medical imaging, 3D visualization, and simulation environments for engineering, aerospace, and the military.  I can even see it being big in a theater where socialization is at a minimum.

In the home environment however, glasses based 3D seems to be best kept in the game room or the dedicated theater.  I think it takes the “Family” out of the Family Room.  We already moved dinner to the couch, lets not kick dinner conversation to the curb as well by hiding under some flickering eye wear!

What we need are new innovative 3D displays that don’t require Blue Blockers and batteries.

I think the consumer electronics industry gave up on innovation this year.  They were akin to Chris Rock’s rant on doctors and blindness:

“Doc I’m blind.  What you got?”

“Why don’t you take this dog and have the dog drag [you] around town.”

How about curing blindness?  It’s like they gave up or something.


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