Will Sonance Sue PadTab for Copyright Infringement?

I can see the headlines now, I mean intellectual property has definitely been compromised here. 

Fictitious Dateline

September 23rd, 2010

PadTab announced last week a new $30 iPad docking option that will severely affect Savant’s new iPad accessory and make in wall touchpanels like AMX, Crestron, Control4 and RTI obsolete within months.

Original Release

An “inane source” says that it is only a matter of time before a cease and desist will be issued by Sonance, who’s iPort patent claims ownership of all music player wall docks. 

I don’t know Mr. Supran personally, says our source, but I read an article once in a trade magazine where he said that “This is not a patent pending. This is a real, granted patent. We own the patent for an in-wall electronic handheld audio docking device that connects to multiroom audio systems and sends audio signals.”

3M responded by saying that “As far as we understand it, we own the patent on tape.  Clear, white, brown, or blue, if it’s sticky on one side or sticky on two.”  (Coincidentally this will be the company’s new jingle on commercials as well.)

When asked for a rebuttal as to if they had a patent on tape, the receptionist at Sonance replied “Not that I’m aware of. . .who is this?” 

Upon reaching our “silent partner”, they said they believed that “Mr. Supran’s position will likely be that if you use tape to mount an iPad, it’s no longer tape but part of an assembly.  An assembly that we own the patent on.”

Some argue that despite the potential litigation, PadTab will own all iPad dock market share within a few months.  I mean, this elevates an iPad off the ground. 

“It’s magic!” said one toddler passing by.

The $30 price tag is so attractive that the absence of video and audio output jacks, a charging port, and a hard wired ethernet connection are irrelevant. 

This reporter agrees, as the dock being $30, you can afford to buy another iPad when you accidently graze the PadTab with your shoulder knocking yours to the tile floor, rendering it Apple sauce.


4 thoughts on “Will Sonance Sue PadTab for Copyright Infringement?

  1. avcuracy says:

    Sonance claims the patent for their iPort iPod dock applies here as well due to the verbiage. You are right that there is a huge difference between in and on wall. Despite their claim, many of us in the AV industry are skeptical they have any rights to an iPad cradle under that patent.

    I hope you found our article fun, in a DaVinci Code, fact blended with fiction type of way!!!

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