The New Resume Builder. . . Broadband Speed.

Sony Electronics has announced that their new products will be launched only through Best Buy because they have 10Mbps internet speeds.  It seems that Best Buy’s self stated “problems” originating with their 25 year old employee demographic, their slow pick up of change in a fast moving industry, and their “old school” approach to retailing are all overcome by 1’s and 0’s that can move at dazzling speeds.

Other companies are now looking at internet speed as their new deciding factor in product distribution and hiring practices.

The next step will be  companies beginning to outsource to countries with better broadband.

Volvo, based in Sweden, who only averages 13Mbps within their borders, will most likely be outsourcing their manufacturing to South Korea soon, as their 20Mbps proliferation of internet speed implies a much better climate for auto manufacturing, despite any evidence to the contrary coming off the production lines of KIA and Hyundai.

Many businesses that have had a hard time competing, are now finding themselves with an edge in their markets.

Bob’s trucking for instance, in Rogers Arkansas, just dealt Sysco a major blow and landed all the logistics work for Morton’s frozen fish.  They had been repeatedly turned away because their trucks were not refrigerated.  However a Morton’s vendor audit revealed that Bob’s Trucking was receiving their rejection emails 8x faster than Sysco was receiving their contracts, and brought to light the obvious superiority of Bob’s Trucking’s higher broadband speeds and market viability.

“I can’t believe it!  I’ve been trying to get this account forever”,  said Bob.

CareerBuilder has even added an “Internet Speed” field to their online resume tool, that places this information just above the “College Degree” field.

Any way you slice it, broadband speed is the most important factor in today’s marketplace.  Gone are the days of so-called “Skills”, “Experience”, “Knowledge” etc.  I mean who needs those?

Best Buy’s sales floor employees have 3 phone numbers to call and ask questions of the other 25 year olds working across the linoleum aisle in the Geek Squad booth.  Someone will know the answer. . . right?


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