Themed Theater isn’t just Space Ships and Bat Caves.

There is a marked difference between an amusement park and a theme park.  An amusement park offers thrills, but a theme park promises an escape to another place.  Theme parks are adept at following attention to detail in all aspects of their presentation, that literally transport visitor’s into a realm outside the real world.

It is this attention to detail and philosophy, that if applied in context, can do the same for a Home Cinema. 

A recent article posting pictures of a pseudo-celebrity’s theater diggs got my wheels turning.  In the vein of “offer a solution or pipe down”, I wanted to impress upon the idea that a theme can honor the historic heritage of the home, as well as the bones of the house.

From the photos, it looks as if this room is about 14′ wide by 24 ‘ deep, with a 10’ ceiling.  It has a saltillo tile floor and most likely has some plaster and lathe construction in the walls.   Assuming the walls and ceiling represent a challenge for concealing wires within, the speakers and projector would stay in relatively the same positions.

This is a 1926 spanish home that would lend itself to Spanish and Mission style furnishings.  To start, I would use a fixed screen in the front of the room.  Because of the position of the door, it seems this screen would optimally be a 110″ diagonal.  The screen would be trimmed out with a Spanish tile border similar to this (see right). 

The tile would be mirrored on the riser face of the stairs as well.  Iron rail work would be added to the stairs to define the entry somewhat, and add a sense of scale (see left).

The front center left right speakers would be built into a mission style piece of furniture, and could easily be coordinated by a company like Leon.  A piece like this would be a good example (right).  Subwoofer(s) could be addressed in the same piece.

Another piece of furniture could be used to house the equipment and projector between the front two seats.  The projector would be installed inside that piece and have a mechanized faux drawer front that lowers when the cinema is in use.

Surround speakers would still be tower style and floor standing, however they would resemble mission style bookshelves with speakers concealed behind rubber band speaker grills designed to mimic the signature mission slats/spindles.  (Right)

Seating would be reminiscent of the Morris chair design with bowed arms, but completely upholstered in a saddle like leather for a durable, soft yet aged appeal.  The seating would set on a mission style rug that incorporates the same blues, yellows, whites of the tile border and stair inlays, tying it to the room and creating contrast against the sedona red tile.

Instead of the yards of red curtains concealing acoustic panels, a stretch fabric and track system would be used.  A warm tone with a plaster-esque testure would be used to pay homage to the underlying walls.  Two to 3 openings would be allowed for on each side for inlay of acoustic panels screen printed with custom ironwork, where candelabra sconces would be placed for low voltage lighting.  (left)

The result would be the feel of a spanish mission living room, with nods to the past, honoring the history of the house.


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