Merry Christmas from SD Video

OK, so maybe I need to find a way to upgrade to HD service, but the results I got when hooking up my new Christmas present, a 42″ 1080p LCD TV, to my existing Direct TV service prompted this letter from my SD service.

Merry Christmas Coxon Family!

Well it has been a fun year hasn’t it?  We have had some great times watching Survivor, The Apprentice, Dancing With the Stars, and The Office, not to mention the many movies we watched over that time as well.

I really enjoyed the companionship of your Sony Wega 36″, 4:3, 480i set as well.  I heard he moved out a week ago and I will miss him!  If you see Wega, tell him to layoff the pie this Christmas, what was he. . .220lbs???

I’m sorry that I haven’t exactly got off on a good foot with your new 42″ 1080p flat panel.  I mean, I’m giving all that I can in the 480 lines I put out, and he insists on displaying 1080p.  He is way too demanding of content.  This is really not my fault.

Send my apologies as well to your parents, who bought you the new TV.  I really didn’t mean to make them feel like idiots for sending you a new TV that doesn’t work well with me.

I will happily work with the “New Guy” delivering my content in all its noise ridden, upconverted, mosquito infested splendor.  I look forward to our time together in the upcoming year!

Merry Christmas,

SD Video

P.S. About the recent headaches you’ve been getting watching me. . .try Tylenol.


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