The IT Chronicles- Putting it All Together

So, if you had the intestinal fortitude to make it through the previous four posts, you may have picked up a thing or two you didn’t know, or you may have just reinforced what you have already seen work.

So what are the main take aways if you want to succeed in speaking with an IT manager?

Learn their language, so you can speak to them in a manner they understand fully.  Use insights into their culture to know the correct approach to take, and how you can become a credible resource.  Then ask the right questions to fully understand their specifuc IT environment, its limitations as well as strengths, and the importance of their valuable system resources.

Laying a foundation in this way positions you as a valuable resource, and not someone looking to close 40 points on a new LED LCD display.

It also allows you to now frame your proposal appropriately, justify your hardware choices based on their concerns and needs (and not based on your arbitrary linecard), and design a system that is highly available and runs within the parameters you are given.

It is not a ploy, it is developing a true relationship, one that will be valued by both you and the IT Director for years to come.


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