The Take Away . . .Revisited

Alright, so I had some feedback from a colleague on performing the Take Away.  He was a little unsure that this method was applicable to his business or the situation he was facing.

The Situation:

He works for a wiring contractor.  They pull low voltage cabling and do wire management in rack rooms and in building riser closets.  He proposes wire management in every job, but will often get a quick no when he brings it up.  He says that his customers are very interested in getting the feeds where they need PCs and phones but see the wire management as an unnecessary expense.

The Question:

Will the Take Away Work, and how do I set it up?

The Solution:

Start from the objection. . .

Customer: “You know, we can probably take out the money for wire management.  No one ever sees inside that room, and honestly, I just want to spend enough to get everyone on line.”

You:  I understand what you are saying.  Your employees just neeed to get up and running so that you can be productive.  I know in today’s world money is limited and you have to spend it where you get the most value.

Most of the people that buy wire management are either adding new employees frequently, or rearranging their office layout etc, and they find that having clean and labeled cables in the rack room saves them from hiring someone to come out every time they make a small change at the office.  I understand that is not your situation so, lets get you on the schedule for the additions and leave the wires in the rack room as is.

Customer:  Wait, how does cable management help with  changes in employment and locations again?

Again, this is a simplified version.  The principle and method is very much the same though.


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