Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.

OK, so the first rule of making a bold statement is to be prepared to back it up.

If anyone has read my post on design, you may remember that I gave some constructive criticism and hypothetical suggestions on how to take Danny Bonaduce’s theater in a historic home to the next level.

You can see it here. . .


Well, guess what happened?

You guessed right!  I was called this week to look at a 1920s historic home turned cultural center to help them develop an AV system to meet needs, minimize impact, blend into the environment, and not detract from the venue at hand.

There are various challenges to be met, as well as issues to be addressed.  So, essentially, this is my chance to put up or shut up it seems.  I will be presenting my design next week for approval, and will keep this blog updated to that status, and if in fact we get the work, I will post some insights into how we came to the final solution.

It seems I tempted fate.  Maybe I’ll write a post about how to behave if you win the lottery, and see if that gets the same result, LOL.


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