The Truth

So I’ve made a big deal about being honest with everyone you do business with.  I am probably honest to a fault, joking that  I have probably talked people out of buying more things than I’ve talked people into buying.

I see it as my job.  No one has ever hired the company I work for to do a job.  They have always hired me.  I’m not being arrogant or vain, I’m just relating that I have always worked for smaller firms with little consumer awareness.  People weren’t lining up around the corner, and few times did our clients know who we were before the meeting, nor did they recognize half the brand names products we sold.

People bought because they felt comfortable in my stewardship and recommendations.

So what is “The Truth” I mentioned in the title?  I’m getting there.

My employer has asked on a couple of occasions why I write this blog, essentially providing a resource for someone to use to grow their sales skill set and compete with me.  Well, besides the fact that I don’t get hundreds of thousands of hits on my blogs, I gave him one compelling reason.  Here is where the truth comes in. . .

The fact is that 90% of the people who read this will do nothing with the information.  Even ideas they find extremely relevant and/or novel, will be used for a week, and then they will go back to their previous methods, as well as to mediocre success.

Human nature avoids change, even great change, and most people don’t have enough will power to put their nature at their mercy.  Proof positive are obesity and adultery rates, both showing how weak most folks are at suppressing desires.

So I write this, few see it, and none of the people who do read it will act upon the information.

This site is probably a better resource for my potential prospects actually, because they can  get a good look at the motives behind the face and know when they hire us, they are getting someone who is committed to them


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