#SteveJobs. . .old theories revisited?

Is Jobs about to pull a rabbit out of his hat under a new corporate identity?  Is he the illusionist who disappears from the stage and appears on the balcony?

Here is a forum I participated in back in January.  Could it be coming to fruition?


“Apple To Make Televisions?

No I don’t mean Apple TV . . .

I mean IP enabled LCD Television sets.  This article says this is unconfirmed”chatter” but it rings true.

Consider the following.

Apple comes out with Apple TV.
Savant comes out with iMac based equipment.
Savant starts replacing the AMX control gear at Apple HQ.
Apple comes out with iPad.
Savant quickly adopts iPad as only touchpanel discontinuing all other models.
Savant starts laying ground to discredit market leader in control -Crestron.
Apple files for multiple patents for home technology and automation related technology.
Apple stores are now removing AMX and installing Savant/iPad based control.
Apple comes out with AirPlay agreements and integrated receivers with B&W, etc
Apple comes out with television (speculated)
Apple absorbs Savant, becomes total solution content, hardware, control, home, mobile, and PC (speculated)
Steve Jobs declared King of the World (speculated)

Am I a crazy conspiracy theorist, or did I just trip ove reality?  Chime In!”


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