Engage. Educate. Entertain.

So in a world of wholesalers turning AV into a comodity ever quicker by the second, what is an honest integrator to do?

Many are turning to service based businesses, or to other areas like building automation or home health.  However, there is more to tackling those markets than the wish to do so.

Service based businesses operate on a different level, have more inventory to manage, more technicians to keep on staff, and need to have infrastructure for job scheduling and billing, as well as sales and customer service.

Building automation has a new set of equipment to learn and forge relationships with, as well as some code and licensing requirements, as well as a field of competitors already slugging it out in that space.

Home Health Care is an immensely complicated field with many liability ramifications, that needs to be carefully explored and not dove into head first.

The ADTs, Amazons and Best Buys of the world want to compete and some manufacturers even want to eliminate us as an intermediary between them and the consumer.  So where do we turn?

I wager that unless we want to completely relicense and restructure our businesses, our hope lies in three words: engage, educate, and entertain.

We will start with “Engage” tomorrow.


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