AV Wars. . .Coming to TV or the Web Next Summer???

So I threw this out in a Twitter feed, and now am forced to actually think about it a little 🙂

I suggested an AV Wars type show in the style of West Coast Chopper.  With that, the show could take on one of a few flavors.

Flavor 1- West Coast Choppers- Jr. vs. Sr.

There would be two rival teams, one on each coast.   Of course I propose we be the West Coast Team and I would assume an NYC or FL based firm would be East Coast.

It could either be a season long project, or a project every episode.  I see it alternating East and West each episode with shots of the other team watching progress and making commentary/breaking on the other team, gearing up to top them in the episode to come.

Flavor 2- The Apprentice

Multiple companies send members in to compete.  There are two separate teams, each week a different company gets to do the design and project management, and assign their teammates portions of the jobs to implement.  An industry expert judges, one team wins, and the other loses, sending a company home.

At the end, two companies square off for the title having full control over design and installation.

Flavor 3- Overhaulin/Pimp My Ride

A lucky homeowner or company is picked to get a revamp of their conference room, theater, retail space, etc.  Each week a different system is featured as they take systems from “Blah” to “AHHHHH!” with a reveal to the owner at the end.

Could be different firms.

Flavor 4- Designer Showcase

3 companies pitch ideas to a project owner.  The owner talks through each designs pros and cons and uniqueness, and then   one company’s plan is chosen and implemented, being filmed to completion with an owner reveal.

So I watch too much TV, I know!  But which one do you like?

Vote Yes (Y) or No (N) for the show and “1”, “2”, “3”,  or “4” for the concept on Twitter with the hashtag #AVWars and check results by clicking here.


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