Letter to #InfoComm12

Dear InfoComm,

Let me just start by saying, I don’t think that you are terrible, or that you have had bad intentions.  Many of your friends have come to your defense, and I get the impression from them that the things I have said and written about you were hurtful, and for that, I apologize.  I’m sorry.  My comments were meant to be constructive and came from a place of respect for an industry we both love.

I wanted to reach out to you because I will be at your party on Thursday and didn’t want things to be awkward between us.  I value the 10 years we have spent together in the AV industry, and don’t want to throw it all away because we have disagreed lately.

I think you have such great potential, and still remember the butterflies I felt when we first met.  Our future was full of promise back then and I spent many nights and weekends in the arms of your manuals and entering your courses.

I still think you can achieve that ideal, and it hurts me when I see you associating with people who bring you down and make you look bad.  They claim your name, and act like your friends, but I know for many of them it is all lip service.  They use you to get an advantage and then they disregard all of your advice and requests once they get what they want.  I hope that you will stand up for yourself, and make them fulfill their promises.  Your body of dealers should be sacred and pure.

I am optimistic that we can put the last couple weeks behind us and reconnect this week.  I promise to come with an open heart, and to see if what we had can be rekindled.  Your friends have asked that I reconsider my comments, and have related how hard you try to make sure everyone you touch has a good experience.  They say you are continually turning over new leaves and opening new chapters for many of us.  I hope to see you through their eyes.

If nothing else we can reminisce about the past and simpler analog times.  Even if we decide to part ways, or to put things on hold for a while, I know we can still be friends.

Yours Always,

Mark Coxon


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