On Success of The Avengers, Marvel to unveil new Fantastic Four vs Al Qaeda movie

OK, so this is mere fiction, but if somehow Stan Lee reads this, if you have some time in the next couple years to develop something besides The Avengers 2 and its Infinity Gauntlet vein, I propose the following. . .

The Fantastic Four is a great comic team, but somehow Dr. Doom and Silver Surfer have failed to create enough drama to make the last two movies and overwhelming success.  However, we saw in Iron Man, that the terrorists based in the Middle East can provide a great base from which to build a Super Hero movie.

I propose that in the spirit of DCs Superman/Bizarro concept, a Marvel “Fantastic Four” vs Al Qaeda’s “Fanatic Four” movie just may hit pay dirt.  There would be an Al Qaeda antithesis to every Marvel Team Member.  I see the layout like this.

Fantastic Four:

Mr. Fantastic-, Reed Richards, who can stretch like plastic.

The Invisible Woman who can render herself invisible and produce force fields.

The Human Torch, who surrounds himself with flames and can fly.

The Thing, who is a grumpy monolith who is made of rocks and has superhuman strength and endurance.


The Fanatic Four

Mr. Fanatic, Richard Reid, who hides plastic in his shoes.

The Black Berka, a woman with no real powers who must remain invisible. . .and silent.

The Human Bomb, who wraps himself in Dynamite but who’s power works only once.

The Mole, who is grumpy because he is hiding in the rocks for years with subhuman levels of Vitamin D.

So what do you think?  Do I have a winner?

On second thought, maybe this would be a bad idea, as the next time there is a terrorist attack, whoever the president is will try to blame it on the movie, and I would be on the 11 o’Clock news.  Fame isn’t all its cracked up to be. . .


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