Election 2012: Are You Elated or Deflated?

OK so the election is over, and odds are based on the split in the vote half of you are elated and the other half deflated.

I myself was a little deflated last night, and had the potential to drift into a malaise that ended in a week or more of analysis, of second guessing, and of dwelling on why my personal wish was not granted.  That is until I remembered the “Question Behind the Question ”  (QBQ).

John Miller’s QBQ says when we ask Why, When, or Who we are wasting valuable time.  The real questions that promote personal accountability are “what” can I do, and “how” do I do it?

So today, election not withstanding,  my goal is the same as it was yesterday- to grow my book of business, to help others grow their businesses, and to provide food, love, and shelter for my three children.

How do I do that?  By looking for opportunity, taking action, and not letting someone else dictate the chances of my success.

Take the reins.  You can’t afford to wait another 4 years for something to happen to you. Instead make something happen for you . . . and do it now.

The “who” is YOU and the “when” is Now!  Don’t ask “why”,  ask “what” and “how”!

Best to you, your businesses, and your families.

Mark C


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