Connecting the Dots

Remember when you were a kid, and you’d do a connect the dots puzzle?  You’d trace your pen through a series of numbers, from point to point, slowly revealing a picture.  How easy would that puzzle have been however, if the series of random dots on the page was not numbered at all?

I was reflecting on the value of what I do for clients, and where I have traditionally excelled to build long-term relationships with clients, and I realized that more than anything, I connected the dots.  Clients typically have a set of objectives, a budget, an existing environment, a set of decision makers, etc in place when they approach me and ask for a “price” on a piece of equipment or an AV system.  These are all dots that make up the customer’s situation, and they are the guide posts by which a successful system installation will take place.  However, just like staring at a night sky, these dots can seem like a vast array of disparate points of light strewn randomly across your field of vision.

However, to the trained eye, that random pattern of stars is not random at all, in fact it is an array of constellations, that connect those points of light to create discrete images.

My 12 years of AV and IT field experience have given me the ability to see those patterns, and in essence, is the way in which I am able to look at those dots on the customer’s page, and know how to number them properly, so that when connected, they bring into focus the vision the client was yearning to create.

There are some rules to keep in mind when connecting the dots that can greatly affect whether the final picture is pretty or not.  In the next couple posts, I will layout the process of numbering and connecting these dots so that whether you are a client or an integrator, you will see the value in having a seasoned partner involved in your projects, and not an abstract artist who just guesses their way through the puzzle.


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