The Project X-Files: What are they?

Sure I think about you now and then
But it’s been a long, long time
I’ve got a good life now, and I’ve moved on
So when you cross my mind…

With 12 years in the AV and IT space, I have been involved in a lot of really cool projects. I always love being involved in projects that are new and unique, and that somehow raise the bar, or utilize existing technologies in new ways.


Many times the best ideas for projects, never actually go anywhere. Unfortunately, as novel thinkers, our collaborative proposals were sometimes smashed on the rocks of reality by accounting, IT, or the head honchos themselves. In an effort to keep their memories alive, and/or inspire someone to take the baton and run, I will be humbly submitting some of these project ideas to the AV community.

I will be posting a project idea every week. It will be a project that had some great potential, but never received budget or enough buy in to get it off the ground.

I try not to think about what might have been
Cause that was then
And we have taken different roads
We can’t go back again
There’s no use givin in
And theres no way to know
What might have been

(thanks Lonestar!)


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