Missed Opportunities: Get Engaged!

Ok, so being the AV geek I am, I was doing my daily reading of @CommIntegrator (Commercial Integrator Magazine for the Twitterless) when I stumbled upon an article about the use of Technology at Cake Boss, a high-end bakery with a very popular TV show.

First and foremost, I applaud any company that embraces the use of new technology to realize efficiencies in their business, and Cake Boss is no exception.  I love to see how automation and remote access of/to a businesses systems helps them save money and stay in real-time control.  I think it shows how automation has moved out of the boardroom and 7 figure home, and into environments  and markets that were not seen as real market opportunities, even 7-10 years ago.

I am always a bit disappointed though when the technology stops there.  I read an article like the one @CraigMacCormack wrote and see missed opportunity.  A company like Cake Boss deals with engaged people all the time, so why not create some engagement of their own?


In an environment like Cake Boss, where customization seems to be integral to success, how great would it be to have a window display with a white backdrop, white floor, white table, and a model of a white cake positioned inside?  On its own, sounds pretty sterile huh?

Now add a couple of projectors and some pixel mapping, coupled with an interactive window, where people change the backdrop to the beach at sunset, the floor to a grassy cliff, the table to a white linen topped with rose petals, and drag and drop all of these into the scene real-time, also decorating the cake with custom colors and messaging.  Now you have an interactive Diorama of sorts that lets people start to explore the possibilities of dessert in their specific venue.  Not only does it help sell the ideas of “custom” bakery items, and solidify the high-end Cake Boss experience, but it also creates a destination where people come just to see the display.  A system like that would take the cake. (More puns to follow)

I’m sorry Elan on an iPad, but you will never draw a crowd in isolation in the same way that this would.

I wonder when and where these unique environments will emerge, and who will be the forward thinking companies that embrace them, and which AV firms will be positioned to put that icing on the cake? (I warned you)



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