Commercial Integrators Needed to Help Build an Ark.

Commercial Integrators take heed. . . the flood is coming.  According to a recent survey, home integration is not recovering, and the plan for many resi integrators is to go after the digital signage market.

You can imagine my feelings on this.  In a DS market that is already plagued by 15 different methodologies, 900 manufacturers of nearly identical and equally unreliable Cat-based video extenders, and dozens of digital signage players and  CMS systems, an influx of unskilled labor is the last thing we need.

I have written and spoken in the past about the intricacies of video traffic and the importance of a firm foundation in IT in developing these networks.  Unfortunately, in my experience, this is almost a universally weak area for resi integrators, meaning that they are not ready for prime time in this area.

So let the rains begin to fall.

Confucius say

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Commercial Integrators will need to build an ark to withstand the oncoming storm.  The ark should be made of tried and true products, IT skillsets, and Content Creation services that will keep your business afloat in a sea of mediocrity.  Larger clients will be able to look down on the flood from their mountain tops, and hopefully decide to not submerge themselves in those murky waters of mediocrity, instead deciding to look to the horizon for silhouette of our ark, one that contains a deposit of faith and knowledge, that ultimately will survive when the flood waters recede.

We need to promote our experience in the markets that are relevant, and point out that the low bidder may have done a great job at your house, but he is not well equipped to build out your DS system.

Resi integrators who enter the waters and fail, need to cling to their floatation devices if they hope to wash up on the shore of their promised land of home theater and automation again in the future.

Sometimes chickens should stay on their side of the road.  Ones that venture over to the feeding grounds of other creatures may just find that they get themselves pushed backward into the highway, and thrown under the bus.


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