The AVNation Rap Battle

At InfoComm13, Chris Neto tried to organize a rap battle between the AVPhenom (me) and @Vaddio_Hailey, from the camera and conferencing powerhouse, Vaddio. I came ready, in my Superman shirt and tried to egg her on a little 🙂  Anyway, she was afraid to embarrass me in front of the whole TweetUp crew, so she suggested that we throw down 140 characters at a time on Twitter.  For anyone who missed it, here is the transcript. Who won?  We’ll let you decide.  Read through the transcript and cast your vote in the poll below! Vaddio_Hailey Jun 13, 6:09pm via Twitter for iPhone What up AV I know you be lookin for a rap. Aww Snap in your superman shirt imma make it hurt cuz I be rappin like a felon what up? AVPhenom Jun 13, 7:06pm via LG Phone They yelled action, into action I flew, while you stood still watchin with your camera crew! AVPhenom Jun 15, 12:32pm via HootSuite You’re on VTC but I’m live in your face, your systems’ droppin packets like I’m droppin bass / AVPhenom Jun 15, 12:34pm via HootSuite You control cameras but you can’t control me, I’m the A-V-Phenom, your Tech-nolo-G! / AVPhenom Jun 15, 12:37pm via HootSuite I’m the number one rapper in this #AVNation, and you’re still tremblin’ at your HuddleStation Vaddio_Hailey Jun 15, 3:05pm via Twitter for iPhone Hashtags and packets how can I beat that? @AVPhenom you may be clever but your rap is crap. Vaddio_Hailey Jun 15, 3:06pm via Twitter for iPhone Truth is our HuddleSTATION is what VTC needs but oooh you know about technology Vaddio_Hailey Jun 15, 3:07pm via Twitter for iPhone So sorry @AVPhenom didn’t mean to make you hurt, time to go cry in your superman shirt AVPhenom Jun 15, 3:38pm via HootSuite That’s all whack, I’ll never run and cry, I’m like an Alpaca spittin rhymes in your eye / AVPhenom Jun 15, 3:41pm via HootSuite My rhymes ring true and yours are all phony, go put some more stickers on cameras made by Sony / AVPhenom Jun 15, 3:42pm via HootSuite Just like MultiTouch, I’m interactive, this rap used to be longer but it’s been redacted Vaddio_Hailey Jun 15, 3:57pm via Twitter for iPhone Made in the USA is what we do. All our products made from the red white and blue. AVPhenom Jun 15, 4:00pm via HootSuite My rhymes are sharp but all in good fun, you know that in my book @vaddio ‘s #1 AVPhenom Jun 15, 4:43pm via HootSuite She’s out on her feet someone give her a nudge, this battle is over, please don’t hold a grudge 🙂


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