1×2 Video Array

In a 1×2 array, access is not a major issue, as there are no screens left and right to impede the install team from removing them from the wall.  However horizontal and vertical alignment can still be tricky.  Even being off by an 8th of an inch can cause one screen to be level and the other not, or be the cause of a small gap in the finished array.

A full featured video wall mount would definitely do the trick, but may offer more features than needed decreasing the actual value of the premium product.

I had a dealer call me the other day about a 1×2 array, and this was the solution I gave to meet both the features needed and the budget of the project, while still providing ease of installation.

1x2Using a mount with post install height adjustment, you can install the top mount in the 1×2 with the height adjustment screws at the top, and the lower mount inverted with the height adjustment screws at the bottom.

This allows you to install both displays and then use the 1 inch of height adjustment per display to close the gap between the units and level them out, post installation.  By using these mounts, there is also some lateral shift that allows you to achieve alignment horizontally as well.

It’s a simple solution, using a highly available and cost effective product, perfect for a 1×2 array like this.

Happy installing!

Mark C


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